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Whitsunday Ngaro Sea Trail

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Walk across pure silica sands, paddle over turquoise waters, view ancient rock art, climb rugged headlands and follow in the footsteps of the Ngaro people on The Whitsundays Ngaro Sea Trail. With a blend of seaways and scenic walks on three islands within the Whitsunday Islands National Park, you can select from short, easy strolls to challenging, lengthy hikes. This area was the traditional home of the Ngaro Aboriginal people, who inhabited the islands for the past 9000 years, and the walks have been selected to best showcase the scenery, history and ecosystems of these ancient islands. Accessible via private, charter or commercial boat, it is possible to take a day cruise to some locations or plan an extensive discovery trip paddling or sailing between the islands and camping overnight.

The main walks on the Ngaro Sea Trail include:

Whitsunday Island walks:
Solway Circuit (easy 1.2 kilometres, 40 minute walk).
Chance Bay (extension of the Solway walk, harder 7.2 kilometres, allow at least three hours return trip).
Hill Inlet Lookout (slight hill, 1.3 kilometres, 40 minute walk) and Lookout Beach (branch off track for extra 500 metre return trip to this white sandy beach).
Dugong/Sawmill Track (medium fitness, 3 kilometres and one hour return).
Whitsunday Peak (tough, steep walk of 5 kilometres with diverse vegetation and spectacular vistas but at least four hours to the top and back).
Whitsunday Cairn (a 4 kilometre return walk from Cairn Beach at the most northern end of the island. A steep and challenging narrow track which will take at least 3 hours to get up and back to the rocky outcrop and breathtaking views).

South Molle Island Walk:
Sandy Bay to Spion Kop (8.5 kilometres and four hours return traversing the length of the island with spectacular views and culturally significant sites. Continue an extra 2.6 kilometres return to Mount Jeffreys).

Hook Island Walk:
Ngaro Cultural site in Nara Inlet (340 metres short, steep return and only 20 minutes but allow an hour to see the rock art and use the interactive display to learn about the traditional inhabitants).

Whitsunday Islands National Park, Whitsundays, Queensland 4802 Australia