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Bowen’s two famous Big Mangoes depict the delicious Bowen Mango and are officially the biggest Mangoes in the world!!!!

Bowen’s original Big Mango was erected on the 25th of May 2002 as part of a community campaign, and along with our new Mango mascot Kenny, has revitalized the local community and boosted tourism. The 10 metre high sculpture, located adjacent to the Bowen Visitor information Centre, is a great photo opportunity for visitors and travellers alike.

In 2014 our Big Mango made headline news across the globe when it mysteriously disappeared overnight. It was later revealed that a popular restaurant chain, Nando’s was responsible for the stunt, in light of promoting their new Mango and Lime flavoured sauce.

Following the heist, in appreciation for the cooperation of our community, Nando’s kindly donated the Big Mango’s doppelganger, the Mini-Mango to our town. This 6 metre high mango was constructed to appear as the Big Mango in Melbourne, the actual Big Mango was too big to make the trip! The Mini Mango is located on Santa Barbara Parade, in the middle of Bowen’s Beautiful foreshore precinct.